Join the Fight!

For many of our students, the need is urgent! The time is now! Dozens of our students still need scholarships for their tuition and the end of the school year is quickly approaching! The solution is to enlist God's people to fight for these children! This is where you come in.

Be a Champion

We are asking the Lord to raise up "Champions" to help us fight for His children. As a "Champion", you have yet another opportunity to make a life changing difference in the life of the child you sponsor. As a champion, you stand in the gap between God's people and the child you pray for every day! As a champion, you fight for your child by contacting all of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and enlisting them to join you in this fight for your child.

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The need to involve God's people in the lives of our students is great! With more of God's people involved, we have more people praying for the children and their families, supporting our children through letters of encouragement, volunteering at our school, and helping to raise scholarship funds for their tuition. We truly believe this is God's plan to rescue these children from the streets!